2011 Honda Element Bolt Pattern Guide By Years

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The bolt pattern for a 2011 Honda Element is 5x114.3 (or 5x4.5 ), indicating that each wheel has five bolts (or lugs) that are arranged circularly with a 114.3 mm (4.5 inches) diameter.

One of the simplest yet cool 2011 Honda Element mods is to replace stock wheels with bigger aftermarket options.

However, before you switch, you must know your 2011 Honda Element lug pattern to confirm compatibility with the new set of wheels. But even if the current bolt pattern of your 2011 Honda Element and the new wheels do not match, consider converting to the required scheme using the wheel adapters.

Also, new rims must sit within the wheel offset range, and the 2011 Honda Element's stud must fit onto the hub bore. Use the measurements below while searching for new wheels.

Bolt Pattern

A bolt pattern, or lug pattern, is a two-number system used to measure the imaginary circle (PCD) formed by the lug holes at the center of a wheel. The first number counts the holes in the wheel, while the second number indicates the pitch circle diameter in mm or inches.

PCD 5x114.3 (5x4.5)
Wheel Offset

Measures the distance from the hub mounting surface to the center of the wheel. It is vehicle specific.

30 to 45 mm
Hub Bore

A machined opening in the center of the wheel. It must be "Hub Centric" to reduce vibration.

64.1 mm
Thread Size

The outer diameter of your wheel stud threads in either metric (M12, M14, etc.) or standard units (1/2", 9/16", etc.).

M12 x 1.5
Tire Sizes

Dimensions of the stock tires, including its width, aspect ratio (sidewall), and diameter.

P 215/75 R15 -
P 245/40 R20
Stock Rim Sizes

Dimensions of rims recommended by the manufacturer.

16x6.5" - 20x8.0"

Wheel Adapters - See more

6x135 to 6x139.7 (6x5.3 in to 6x5.5 in)

‎Topline Wheel Adapters
  • Best-In-Class Construction:
  • Manufactured from the finest 6061-T6 billet aluminum, these wheel adapters are CNC machined to precise specifications with heat-treated 10.9 grade studs to provide optimal performance and durability for your vehicle.
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1" EZAccessory Wheel Adapters
  • Product Specs:
  • - 2 pieces total;
  • - 6x135mm bolt pattern for vehicle;
  • - 6x5.5" or 6x139.7mm bolt pattern for wheel;
  • - 14x2 studs; thickness 1" (25mm);
  • - 87.18mm center bore

6x135 to 8x165.1 (6x5.3 in to 8x6.5 in)

EZAccessory 6x135mm to 8x6.5" Wheel Adapters
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  • Thickness: 2-inch (50mm)
  • Lug Torque: 95 ft-lbs
  • Black Allen Bolt Torque: 55 ft-lbs
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EZAccessory 2 Wheel Adapter 6x135 to 8x6.5 / 2"
  • Wheel adapters are useful for a variety of purposes. They are used to fit larger wheels onto smaller axles, allowing the use of different size wheels on a single vehicle. This is especially helpful when upgrading the look and performance of a vehicle. Wheel adapters also allow for fitting different types of bolt patterns onto one axle, making it easier to customize a car or truck with aftermarket wheels.

6x135 to 8x170 (6x5.3 in to 8x6.7 in)

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EZAccessory Wheel Adapters 6x135 to 8x170 with 125mm Hub Centric Lip
  • Wheel adapters are used to help fit wheels from one vehicle onto another. They allow for the use of custom wheel sizes or simply a different bolt pattern than the original wheel. Wheel adapters also provide additional clearance for larger brakes or suspension components and can even be used to adjust track width or offset on a vehicle. In some cases, wheel spacers can be used in place of wheel adapters to achieve the same purpose. Both wheel adapters and spacers can help to improve handling performance by allowing for a wider track width or more negative offset, depending on the application.
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Ezaccessory Set Of 4 Wheel Adapters 6x135 to 8x170 (Thickness 2 Inch)
  • Wheel adapters are an essential component in any wheeling system, providing a safe and secure connection between the wheel and the vehicle. They help ensure that wheels are properly mounted, balanced, and aligned for optimal performance and safety on the road. Wheel adapters also allow for larger or smaller wheel sizes to be used on vehicles with different size wheels, making them a great option for customization. They also provide additional grip and stability, making them especially helpful in off-road situations. Finally, wheel adapters are relatively inexpensive and quick to install, compared to other wheel modifications.

Wheel spacers - See more

Reduce offset on wheels

1,5 inch / 38 mm

Commonly Choosen
Ryin Wheel Spacers
  • Product Advantages:
  • (1) Forged 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy material, High-quality pre-installed heat treated 12.9-grade studs, enhances the strength of the wheel spacers.
  • (2) CNC automatic processing ensures high accuracy and stability(0.02mm), you are getting the highest quality of wheel spacers that is tough, stable, and safe.
  • (3) Increasing clearance for oversized or wider wheels and improving handling characteristics/stability and brake clearance. Giving your vehicle a more aggressive appearance
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Supreme Suspensions Wheel Adapters
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  • Positions your wheels 1.5 inches outward to correct tire rubbing issues, increase cornering stability, and allow for a more impressive stance.
  • Features Hydraulic Pre-Pressed Studs to help eliminate the risk of vibrations.

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Keep tires attached to the hub

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